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10 yr old female Pee's uncontrollably

by Todd
(McComb,Ms, USA)

I am deeply concerned my 10 yr old Jack Russell is sick. She started about 7 months ago peeing in her sleep, on herself, uncontrollable at times.
She does drink a lot of water sometimes which leads me to think she could have diabetes.
Ive also caught her licking herself while peeing...another sign she's sick.
She has been spaded after having given 2 liters of pups....she is still very active and doesnt appear to have any other physical problems.
Can you please give me some idea of what may be happening with her? Financially its tough to get her to a vet. Im getting more and more concerned something is seriously wrong and that she needs a my pet trying to tell me she needs medical help?
I would die if I didnt get her the help she may seriously need...please help me!!

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Sep 28, 2013
time for a vet.
by: john from hull 9 GB

hello Todd...

If your dog has been drinking lots of water over a long period of time,and is now peeing in the house,I would suggest that she may have developed Cushing's disease.

She could also have a kidney problem which is causing her to pee a there any blood in her pee...does she strain when going?

Sometimes a neutured bitch will dribble due to muscle damage,but I think your jrt is passed that.

Please send her to a vet as soon as you have any local animal charities that could help you?

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