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11 months old JR with hindleg problems

by Ann Horn

Our 11 months old lovely Jack Russell spayed girl was diagnosed with both hind leg luxating patellas at the age of 6 months. She doesn't appear in pain and she has days of no hopping and then days with severe hopping - she never seems in pain and is very active. She loves playing with other dogs and chasing after her ball and we walk her one hour a day. We are wondering if we need to reduce her exercise levels to not worsen her hind leg problems or whether we just continue enjoying her and our active lives (she joins us everywhere) until such time where she is in pain? She has recently been seen by a vet and we were told she is a very healthy and fit dog.

Also, we are getting mixed messages about treatment of her hind leg problems - operate or not? We met a retired vet who said that she will probably live a happy and healthy life hopping about (our preference) whereas another vet recommended surgery which costs a fortune and does not guarantee success (and personally we don't know how to get her through a 8 week rehabilitation where she cannot run...- she is so active and it is hard to contain her).

We would much appreciate your thoughts on this topic.

Thank you very much. Ann

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Jan 29, 2013
had the same problem
by: Anonymous

My female JRT had the same problem, and I heard the same recommendations. She did bunny hop throughout her life, but it was occasional and it never caused her any pain. But she was a smaller JRT (10 lbs) and the vet told me if my other JRT (male, 23 lbs) developed the same problem, he would recommend surgery.

Jan 08, 2013
I would say no surgery
by: Paddy's mom

I would say no surgery, I think, if it were Paddy. I do not believe I could begin to keep him still to recover like that,. We had hard enough time recovering from simple castration, with the Elizabethan collar! What a nightmare!
Since there is no guarantee with the surgery, as you stated, I would definitely tend not to go with it.
Just take extra good care, and use judgment, in letting her play. Even if Paddy has no disease, I sometimes, have to crate him so he WILL rest because he just can't STOP himself.
Good luck!

Jan 07, 2013
by: Anonymous

My JRT got his back leg trodden on by my friends labrador when in the fields running, and he hopped for a while after, he seem to improve, and I didnt notice it over Winter. Come Summer he was hopping again, similiar to you intermittent. I now give him glucosamine every day (human tablet 1 a day), and it as improved him no end. I really do recommend this, and if you look up glucosamine in dog treats they even sell them and have proved the theory works. I even take one a day myself, as I was so impressed with Charlies improvement. No I will not have him operated on, unless it is vital for him, and I have him insured just in case, as it can be expensive, and how do you keep a JRT still for weeks after !!!!! When I had him neutered he didnt want to rest for a few days !! Good luck, and health enjoy your JRT, and dont look too far forward !
God Bless
Karen x

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