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1/2 jack russle brothers crys/wines through the night

by Antony
(England, south-west)

My parents have two jack russle brothers both the same age 4 (human years). through the day, they are both fine, no problems wat so eva, they are never apart and get treated exactly the same, one named ronney (butch) and one named busta (feminin).
When it comes to night time all is fine, they get put to bed at 11pm in the conservatry (dog flap to garden) hours pass but around 4am busta crys all through the rest of the night untill the next morning no clue why, any ideas?? Im listen to him now, its lik a stressed high pitch down to a lower pitch and jumping up at the conservatry doors.

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Feb 07, 2014
Jack crying at night
by: Frank

Some dogs are sensitive to noise. It's hard to know what is going on outside but there could be something even very small that your Jack is hearing. Who knows what could be there that sets off your Jack - like another animal or car or whatnot. Is there a different spot you could put them to see if that helps?

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