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12 year old broken coat Jack started itching constantly

by Molly
(St. Louis, Mo)

My 12 year old broken coat Jack started scratching herself, no particular spot. No fleas we have an extermination service, and no evidence of fleas. She is removing large clumps of her long coat with the scratching. I see no reason for it, and wonder if I should shave her so I can see better to what is going on. Otherwise she is healthy! She and her 13 year old smooth coat sister have just begin to relax some, last year or two! Lol! The other one doesn't seem to have any issues the broken coat is. Their diet has not changed since we put them on adult food. Nothing else seemed to have changed either.

Advice would be great!


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Dec 22, 2013
Itchy Jack
by: Jenny

I'm wondering if your Jack has allergies like mine. My Jack used to itch all the time and it got worse in the spring/summer. Have you tried hydrocortisone pills? We got those from our vet and it really helps with the itching. We also make sure to wash our Jack's paws when she comes in from a walk to make sure she is not bringing inside any potential allergens. And we humans take our shoes off in the house as well.
Also, certain grains can set off allergies. Does the adult food contain grains? Switching our dog to grain free made a big difference.
We also consistently brush our Jack to help with shedding. We use an oatmeal bath once a month as well to ease with itching.

Hope this helps!

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