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12 year old getting aggresive

by Sandra

our 12 year old jack russel dog has been diagnosed in the last year with colitis. we have managed the condition with a change in his diet but he sometimes has the odd bout. But he seems to be more aggresive in that if he doesnt want to go out he will nip us if we try to pick him up or put his lead on him. My husband has two bites this morning, one on each arm, no blood but bruised. He has now put him in the garden and says he will stay there all day, but i know he suffers in the cold these days.

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Feb 11, 2014
Old jack Russell

He is telling you he doesn't want to go out - at 12 years old I would think he deserves a lazy day if he wants it! My jack Russell just stays in her bed when we get the leads ready if she doesn't want to go out with the two spaniels we have - she hasn't got the energy they have (she is nearly 15), and we don't make her if she doesn't feel up to it. Listen to what he is showing you, don't put him out in the garden, especially as he is trying to say he doesn't want to go out!

Dec 16, 2013
Jack Russell getting aggressive
by: Perry

I would take your Jack to the vet. Dogs that normally haven't been aggressive that suddenly start getting aggressive are probably in some kind of pain. Especially since colitis causes painful inflammation and maybe your Jack doesn't want to go out and that is his only way of letting you know. Your Jack doesn't realize that being put into the garden is punishment. And if it's really cold outside, then that is not fair to him and could be detrimental to his health.

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