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12 year old jack russell is constant wanting food not his own but ours!,

by Leanne

Basically my dogs getting old now hes 12 and we have notticed all he wants too do is steal our dood especially my 15 month olds and dosnt care if he gets in trouble he was sitting looking at a bowl off her cereal in a trance i really dont think this is normal behaviour as its became obsessive.

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Dec 27, 2014
JR and Food
by: Anonymous

Our JRT is 13 and she won't eat her dry dog food at all! It is our own fault, we have given her table scraps, too many treats and canned dog food. The only way we can get her to eat her own food is to not give her anything else, and that is hard. and she will go for days without eating,then finally eat some dry food. Maybe your JR has found it's tastier to take the other foods he can get instead of eating his own. They are such smart dogs!

Feb 14, 2014
12 year Jack wants other's food
by: Bert

Have you tried making his food more enticing? You can put a scoop of cottage cheese, some yogurt or some cheese on top. Or at the pet store they sell "gravy" that you can put on top of his food. Or a little bit of canned pumpkin (and that is good for digestion as well). Try that and see if it helps!

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