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12 year old Jack Russell with a sore right paw

by Camilla
(New Zealand)

Hi there,

My sweet 12 year old Jack Russell, Poppy, has been limping around for 5 days now, and it seems that her front right paw is the problem. She has also been licking it, but this has not been constant.

Sometimes it seems to be worse than other times, as she can walk and run normally, but does show that she is limping.

Do I need to get her checked at the vet? I worry that it might be arthritis, but I am really not too sure.

Any advice would be much appreciated

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Sep 13, 2012
Thank you
by: Camilla

Thank you both so much for your advice, her paw seems to be a bit better after putting it in warm water and epsom salts. Will take her straight to the vet if the limping becomes very noticeable again

Sep 12, 2012
Sore right Paw
by: Deborah

Yes I would take him right to your vet ASAP maybe is is something like he got stung by a bug or a grass spur or something simple but yes I would take himt oy uor vet today before it gets any worse I have 2 boy Jacks myself but never encountered anything like this Please keep me posted and good luck and I hope this helped some?

Sep 11, 2012
Jack licking paw and limping
by: James

I would check between your Jack's toes. She could have gotten a bug bite/bee sting, splinter, blister or something caught there. When dogs lick/limp it usually means that something down there is really bothering them. You could alway soak that paw in a bowl of warm water and epsom salts. However, if the limping doesn't stop soon I would definitey take your Jack in because the paw might get infected if it's something left untreated. It could be arthritis but since it came on suddenly combined with the licking usually indicates some sort of trauma. I hope her paw feels better soon!

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