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12yr JRT staring at walls

I have a 12yr old JRT, Jake, who in the last 6mon has started showing strange behaviors that Ive never seen before. When its time for bed, he acts afraid to come in my room and when he's in the room he stares like he sees a ghost in the corner. He has always been left in my room when I leave for work, and one day he scratched the door and ripped up the carpet by the door as if he needed to get out of the room immediately. He now started going outside and sitting on side of house just staring at the wall. Im very confused and dont know what is wrong. He has never done anything like this and Ive had him since he was 6wks old. Any advice???? Thank you!

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Dec 08, 2012
Your 12 year old
by: Yoshi's mom

It kind of sounds like early dementia...
The way he randomly stares at walls.
I am wondering if his sudden panic is he is unsure where he is at that moment. Old people slip in and out if this and so can our older dogs. Keep a journal of the weird behavior and take it to your vet for advise.
My 14 year old jack has cancer, but we have also noticed moments of confusion in him. We use touch and treats or a favorite toy to try and snap him out of it.
I am so sorry for your trouble. Good luck to you!

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