14 month jrx patterdale with bony lump

by allie

Our adorable spayed 14 month jrx has literally developed a bony lump on her head, right between her ears, overnight. We can touch it and doesn't seem to bother her but it definitely wasn't there yesterday when she was at the vets having her booster. Is this normal bone formation or a trip to the vets?? Thanks in advance.

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Feb 13, 2014
14 month jrx patterdale with bony lump NEW
by: Anonymous

She's fine thank you, just normal bone formation, definitely not affecting her craziness!! Well worth the trip and the vet was very sympathetic :-)

Feb 07, 2014
Jack with bony lump on head
by: Diane

Our Jack developed something similar and our vet said not to worry about it. It's not that common but not that uncommon for that to happen. I probably wouldn't make a special trip, unless you notice any changes. But any lump or bump should be checked, to rule out anything that could be serious.
Now, I do NOT suspect this is any type of tumor... but I feel I should point out that there are such things as bony tumors that feel hard, and are rigid. Bone cancer, for one, causes this type of bump.
Let us know what the vet says, I'm curious!

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