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14 yr Old JRT has unidentifiable pain

by Rebecca
(Birmingham, AL)

Wiley, my 14 year old JRT who was fine one day and not the next is seeming to be an anomaly to the vets. He had some tummy troubles so we went to the vet and got treated for that. In the middle of this antibiotic at 1 am he started going crazy. He wouldn't sit down and started panting and acting erratic. He started doing this thing with his neck where he would pull it in like a turtle in his shell and then hold it for a second and stretch it out just as quickly and would freeze in that position. After 11 visits to the vets and specialist we are still at a loss. It was originally thought it was CHF and we began treatment after no difference was seen we went back. I felt like I was torturing my pup. We then went to a specialist who said it is definitely not his heart and he thought maybe a seizure disorder. We have now been on Valium for 3 days and while he has calmed down he is still doing that thing with his neck and drags his feet when he walks. He eats just fine. I should mention. The specialist checked his neck and back and did not find anything there. We have had x rays of everything from the shoulders back. I do not want to see my baby in pain anymore. If anyone has any thoughts I am open to anything.


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