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18 month Jack Russel getting aggressive

by Di

My sisters jack Russell is 18 months old and has been spayed. She has always been a very loving and warm natured dog.

For the past +- 1 month she has suddenly become aggressive in that she snarls and bares her teeth. She is not only doing this to the other dogs and cats that she grew up with, but is also snarling at my sister. She has not changed her food (Montego), nor her routine at feeding time. Is this aggressive behaviour normal for a jack Russell.

There have been no other animals bought into the family and no changes to our normal day to day routine.

Please can you give us any advise in this area. Many thanks in advance.

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Oct 07, 2014
by: Anonymous


Your dog sounds like she has come to full maturity and is wanting to become top dog in the house. Maybe as she has been over loved she's has not been quite sure who the boss of the house and has claimed it for herself.

My 2 jacks get loads of love and fuss but they clearly know im the top dog in the house and they know there place.

If you think she has had her own way so far in her life with no clearly defined rules then I would look at that.

Just remember Jack Russell's are very clever and learn very fast and watch everything.

If she has had rules then it could be medical, so go to a Vet for advice.

Good luck


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