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18 month old Eddie has changed again!

by Debs

Hi there
I have a now 18 month old JRT. He is our beloved pet, and very well trained (I thought!) I train him every day to ensure the behaviour and mental stimulation is there, he gets walked for an hour most days and also run off the lead two or three days a week for an hour, sometimes three if we go with my friend with her dogs. He comes immediately when called when off the lead, and 'checks in' all the time. He can be aggressive with other dogs, you never know what he's going to do so I carry a stick now on our off lead walks so that he focuses on that when I throw it and then he leaves the other dogs alone haha. He has almost like an OCD thing, we fix an issue that he presents with, and then it's almost replaced with another one. He got a fright when we walked out of our driveway a few weeks ago as a lady was right there, on the pavement, now he barks and growls at all people when we walk. Im just getting him over lurching and growling at trucks, but if he is hightened, then he does that too after seeing a person. I have to take him around the quiet streets first so he doesn't become so hightened he can't enjoy the walk. I'm lucky to live in a small suburb, and people (school teachers etc) have seen us walking every day for months since we moved here, one man couln't believe it was the same dog due to his behaviour so he came up and made it a nice experience for Eddie which I was grateful for. he doesn't bite, but I am concerned that it might get to that point. He has been through quite a bit, broke his leg at 12 weeks so six weeks in a cage, which he dealt with so well, but I thought he had missed out on some learning time but we seemed to get over that and then I took him to terrible training at a vet so much so that it made him aggreesive a few months ago and I had to get a personal trainer to help me sort out those issues. Now we are heading down a similar track again. I love him so much, we all do and just want him to be happy and secure. He is normally a really good boy at home until someone comes into the house then he is like bullet and he has no manners. Is that insecurity or trying to dominate them? I do try to socialize him as much as possible. He has been castrated, when he was a puppy. I just try to read and ask about opionions on training etc so I can sort issues out as soon as they arise but he seems to be getting quite naughty lately. I am the leader of the pack for sure, I do baby him a wee bit (he sits on my knee and snuggles) but he does exactly what I say when I say it, and I make him 'watch me' and sit for everything etc. I'm just a bit concerned that he has the tendancy to be agreesive from fear or anxiety and I don't know how to help him with that other than training and pleanty of exercise. Sorry about the long post, can anyone offer any advice?
Thanks so much

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Mar 03, 2013
by: Lisa

I can tell from your comment just how much Eddie is loved by you and just how much time you put into him. He's a lucky little guy!

From what you wrote, it sounds like you have tried just about everything under the sun. And it could be that when he had that broken leg that he missed out on some socialization opportunities and maybe that is why he is having some trouble coping.

Since you have gone done just about every avenue with him including personal training.....have your tried clicker training to try and shape the behavior that you want?
Someone posted this youtube video on this forum and I found it very helpful. It's not quite your situation but it's a good explanation of how and why dogs bark and a good explanation of clicker training.
I just started clicker training with my Jack and it's a slow slow process but I am having some success (my guy barks at every noise under the sun!). I also bought a clicker book/clicker off Amazon.
Hope this helps. Keep your chin up, with all the love and patience you have for Eddie I know you will see him through this and he will make great gains.

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