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18 month old rat terrier poos in his basket or in the kitchen even if he's been out before bed

by Barney miller
(Whitley bay)

We have an 18 month old toy rat terrier- when people come in even if he knows them well he often wees on the floor almost as a sign of his affection. He also poos on the floor at night or even in his cage/basket even if he has been out before bed .we have brought his last or only meal of the day forward to 12oclock midday -how can we stop this cheers simon

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Jan 22, 2012
Dog pooing at night
by: Jamie

It sounds like you have two separate issues going on.
The first one in terms of guests visiting:
First, take your dog to your veterinarian to rule out anything medically related. Then, start building up his confidence by teaching him basic commands like "sit" and "stay" using positive reinforcement training methods. Keep his routine and environment as consistent as possible. Gradually expose him to new people and new situations and try to ensure that his new experiences are positive and happy. Keep greetings low-key (no bear hugs or loud voices, which your dog may perceive as acts of dominance). Encourage and reward confident postures such as sitting or standing. Give him an alternative to submissive behaviors. For example, have him "sit" or "shake" as you approach, and reward him for obeying. Avoid approaching him with postures that he may interpret as dominant or confrontational. Avoid direct eye contact; look at his back or tail instead. Get down on his level by bending at the knees rather than leaning over from the waist. Ask others to approach him in the same way and to only pet him if he is calm. Pet him under the chin rather than the top of his head. Approach him from the side, rather than head on, and/or present the side of your body to him. Make sure your guests don't excite him by using loud or high pitch voices. Eliminate odors wherever your dog submissively urinates using an enzyme based cleaner you can purchase from a pet store.
Don't punish or scold him for submissive urination. This will only make the problem worse.
Above all, be patient. It will take time for your dog to gain confidence, but with you leading the way, he can overcome his fears and blossom into a happy, secure dog.

In terms of the pooping at night: It is not necessary to limit his meals to one time a day. You should be doing two consistent meal times, one in the morning and one in the early evening. Dogs like consistency, take him out for walks at the same times everyday and it sounds like you should pick a spot to take him to at night and wait him out until he poops. If he doesn't after a few minutes, bring him inside and try 10 minutes later. Repeat until he goes, then reward him with praise and a treat.

Again, I would take him to the vet to make sure everything is ok with his bladder and whatnot.
Honestly, with the night pooping in the crate and the submissive pee, your Jack sounds a little anxious. He may be confused who is the pack leader. By teaching him commands, being consistent, giving him enough exercise and stimulation, and socialization, should go a long way. Even consider doggie obendience classes as a way to instill confidence.

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