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18 week old puppy issues

by Megan
(South Wales)

I have a miniture Jack Russel puppy named Judy who is 18 weeks old. Shes a lovely pooch but her barking throughout the night is driving us crazy. She listens to our commands but is still scared to go out by herself so the front door could be open and she'll do her business by the front door. I need help on how to stop her barking and to get her fully house trained. I've tried putting the radio on, a lamp on, giving her a treat when she goes into her bed, ive taken away her food and water half hour before putting her in her bed and a very long walk before putting her to bed. nothing seems to work. I need help. Any feedback would be appreciated! Thank you

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Dec 29, 2013
Barking Jack
by: Rebecca

Sorry to hear about the barking! Have you tried crating her? Dogs usually like and feel secure within the confines of a crate. And usually covering the crate with a blanket blocks out environmental sounds and stimulation. Also try giving your Jack a piece of your clothing that you have worn so that it has your scent. And maybe - if there is a way - try switching which room you are leaving her in. Sometimes dogs can hear even the faintest of sounds from the outside and it will cause them to bark. Is there a quieter or different area (and continue to keep the radio on to block out any potential sound)that you can move her to?

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