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2 1/2 year old Jack Russell mix

by Ken

We just brought "Patches" home on November 27, from our local Humane Society. At the shelter, she was shaking and very, very shy. The shelter said she was not adjusting well at all in the shelter with the other dogs. When the shelter got her, she had fleas really bad & had to have tater cleaned from her teeth. Other than that their vet (and our vet after we got her home) checked her out to be healthy. We were told that it would take a few weeks to get her "used to us and to trust us". And to also make sure we get her on a consistant routine.
Today is December 2. After only a couple of days she really warmed up to our 13 year old son. She was also somewhat active,, runnning through the house, happy to see us. Now, she has somewhat regressed. Not active at all. Seems sad, almost like she is depressed. not eating or drinking very much. Absolutely hates to go outside. The last few days have been in the mid 40's to the mid 30's, we thought it was because of the weather. Although yesterday afternoon it was in the mid 50's... she seems to "want" to go outside but once out there she walks around for only a few minutes then went back to the front door to go back in. When I didn't let her back in she just sat there and refused to move. We keep her in the small metal cage at night. Every morning when i open her cage she comes out, stretches and I try to take her outside. Today she wont come out of her cage, she just lays there. She has pee'd & pooped in the house a few times (as she refuses to "use it" outside). Not really sure what to do. The vet has checked her out to be healthy. We are hoping that it will just take a couple more weeks for her to trust & love us. Any thoughts or ideas are greatly appreciated.

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Dec 04, 2011
Shy girl
by: Anonymous

You don't know your dog's history I assume though she is a rescue. The fleas, tooth tartar, shyness shaking, etc. tell you she was likely neglected, possibly abused but most certainly not very well loved. You have had her for such a short time, and it can takes months or more for her to know she is loved and can trust you. Don't give up, just be patient and love her - and know that one day this will be a memory. The fact that you are concerned, have talked to your vet, and are on this forum shows you care. Good luck! I have a rescue male JR who had many issues and it took some time but it will be worth it.

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