2 Jack Russell's

by Sam
(Nottingham )

Hi I have had a Jack Russell since being a pup and she's 8 now. In may I took on my dad's Jack Russell who is 5 after his death. Both are female and previously got on together. They are ok together but growl at each other and appear to do this only when I'm home. They don't growl or bark when it's just my husband at home. It's like having 2 toddlers! How do I train them to be nice to each other more??

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May 29, 2020
Jack Russell Terriers Not Getting Along
by: Anonymous

Make sure to take steps to establish yourself as the alpha in charge. Dogs feel comfortable when there is an established pack order. Because your dogs get along when your husband is present, but not when your present, makes me think that you could be the issue. When the dogs see you as the leader then they won't be rivals in the pack.

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