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2 Male Sibling 5 month olds - NOW FIGHTING

by Lynne

I owed a gorgeous female JR when I was a teenager, and thought it would be a great idea to purchase two puppies, one each, for my two sons (11 and 13). The pups are now 5 months old and have always playfully 'play fought' together. Frighteningly, recently on two occassions in one week they have seriously drawn blood on eachother.

They are booked in when they are 6 months old to be castrated. I am hoping this will help this seemingly 'top dog' behaviour.

Does anyone have any tips on whether they will live happily ever after again? I am so concerned we have made the wrong decision on buying two male sibling JR's.

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Feb 26, 2013
by: Deborah

I have 2 male JRT,s too and I got Elvis my 5YO about 4 years ago now he was given to me and he was very aggressive and very alpha and not socialized at all.I got my second Jack alittle over a year ago and I was told to never get 2 of the same sex in 1 house Patch is my second JRT and he just turned 2 and he is very submissive and at first we had some problems but they worked it all out and every once in awhile they get into it but Patch just runs away...They should work it out if not I would get a trainer in to help you with this issue....

Good Luck and Please let me know how it goes here is my email address

Please stay intouch

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