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2 yr old male Jack Russell showing aggression

by Claire

Our Jack is 2 years old. He isn't neutered. He is the most pleasant, friendly dog you will ever meet - all he wants to do is play and cuddle and lick. He is absolutely brilliant with other dogs and plays with other dogs in the park all the time. He also has two female dogs - one Jack Russell who he gets on really well with and even stays with her when we're on holidays and they share a bed.

However, he does not like other male Jack Russells at all! Our friend has a 11 week old Jack pup who he brought to our house. The pup was stealing all of our dogs toys etc and our dog got really aggressive and territorial. He started to bare his teeth and also tried to bite the puppy on the ear. He just kept snarling at him every time he tried to go over to him or play with any of his toys.

Is this normal behavior with 2 male Jack Russells? Please don't say we should neuter him because we have already researched that and it is not an option. As I said, he is so friendly and pleasant that everyone just falls in love with him when they meet him.

Any advice would be really appreciated

Many thanks

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Jan 27, 2012
by: Anonymous

Thanks so much Maureen, I think we will just have to keep them apart!

Jan 26, 2012
JR's will fight
by: maureen

Hi, I have been told by several breeders that you should not keep two JR's of the same sex as they could possibly fight to the death. I have 5 JR's 4 girls and 1 boy. two of the females, 1 is six years old and the other 1 and a half years old that have to be kept apart at all times, the younger one started to fight with the older one before she was a year old, they were very serious fights and if I had not been there one would have died. Each of these females get on fine with the other females.I love them both so I just keep them apart.
If you don't have another male in your home you should be OK. A friend of mine had father and son but had to desex the father when the son was a year old because of fighting, now all is peaceful.
Hope this helps.

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