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4th of July

by Kathy Sims
(Oakland, Ca, USA)

Does anyone know if there is a calming pill that I can get for my 8 month old baby Cosmo he is a Jack/Chi and this will be the first time he will be hearing the fire crackers and barrel bombs which I hate but these guys around here will do them regardless of the law so I want to make sure he is ok for those weeks coming up.


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Jun 09, 2013
4th and July and thunderstorms
by: Susan

Have you tried a Thundershirt? It works great for my Jack. You can buy it online and it's a shirt that applies pressure to help decrease anxiety. They also have similar ones called Anxiety Wrap and Storm Defender.
We also give our Jack melatonin a few days before an event like 4th of July or if we know a storm is coming. It has a cummlative effect and helps reduce "panic attacks" per se. Check with your vet about doses because your Jack Chi is young.
There is also sprays and special collars you can get at pet stores.... I just haven't tried any of them but I would check reviews on Amazon and see what people have to say. Once you type in about the Thundershirt I'm sure other anti anxiety stuff for dogs will pop up.

Good luck and I hope Cosmo tolerates the noise ok!

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