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4yr old Jrt mum and 3month old son

by kylie

My female jack had 7gorgeous male pups and we decide to keep one he is now 3months old and very full of himself, my only worry is mum keeps running after him and pining him underneath her and its like they are play fighting but it gets very rough and the puppy gets very angry and makes the horriblest noises we are gettin worried that its goin to get silly when we are out and someone is goin to get hurt. Please has anyone got any sensible advice we can try as I love both of them very very much.
Thank you in advance.

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Sep 23, 2012
by: Anonymous

Is the Mum a first time Mum? Sometimes that can cause aggression. Or some Mum's that have had lots of litters are just tired of being a Mum. I would not use this female for breeding again. And it might be good to get her checked out by a vet to make sure she doesn't have an infection or something that is causing her to act out. In the meantime I would separate the Mother and son for the time being and make sure they are being supervised when then are together. If things don't get better it might be a good idea to rehome the younger one (as hard as that might be).

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