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5 month old JRT pees after his outside walk

by Diane

Hi guys,
I have a 5 month old JRT and he is very adorable. My main complain about him is that he pee's once we have got him home from his long walks. We sometimes walk him for about an hour, but he generally pee's once he is in our place.
Can you please advise why he does this? He does sniff a lot when we walk him out, but never pee's.

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Oct 27, 2011
Pup Terrier
by: Vlad V

I have a 6 month female JRT. I also have a 5yr old male JRT (my dad's actually). They are both intact (not spayed, yet to mate). Both were big sniffers as pups and will continue well into 2yrs and will die a bit later as they mature and remember the sniffers.

Keep in mind that they are hunting dogs, and they are meant to hunt foxes. Also during raining or moist days, scents become stronger and easier to pick. As pups, every scent is new and curiosity begins.

With that being said, they forget to pee outside as they are too excited by their exploration. My 5month female also pees inside after peeing outside.

Here's my question: Are you letting your pup drink water once it's back inside? Mine does a little as she pulls on leash, runs around and generally becomes thirsty. If that's the case, well, you have your answer.

Otherwise, JRTs may not be fully potty trained until the end of the first 2 yrs. My male was fully trained before 6months, the female is a little more stubborned.

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