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5-Year-Old Jack Russell Beagle mix poops in the house

by Dave

Five years ago, my sister rescued two Jack Russell Beagle mix sisters (Daisy and Ozzie) for family pets. She said that both seemed to be completely potty trained until they reached the age of two, then both started pooping in her house - while urinating outside when she would take them out. Unfortunately, the poop in the house problem got so bad that she put both in an outside dog run with no house privileges. Because of this, another sister and I have taken the dogs into our homes. In their new environments - for over 6 months - the pooping in the house problem still exists. I have two other dogs and they all get along fine with each other. That said, when Ozzie goes outside with my other dogs, she will sniff both their urine and poop and will procede to urinate. I praise her for that, but despite the few times she has pooped outside and gotten praise, she still poops in the house. Her poop is firm and the vet says she's in great health. There is no specific situation or time of day when she defecates in the house. In fact, all the dogs can simply be walking from one room to another and she stops and poops. We've corrected her with a sharp "No" when she does it, but it hasn't done any good. When she sees me cleaning up her mess, she does the submissive roll onto her back as if she knows she's goofed again. Are there any tips that anyone can offer?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Feb 21, 2014
Jack pooping in the house
by: Jane

To the last poster. I would try crating your Jack over night as dogs tend not to pee/poop where they sleep. Then take your Jack out right away in the morning. This will cut out on the pooping. I would also restrict her access in the house, that should help as well.

Oct 16, 2013
Jack Russell poopong in the house...
by: Anonymous

Our Jack Russell is also 2 years old and poops in the house. She seems to do it on the run in different places. I am leaning towards more of a behavioral issue having to do with seperation anxiety during the day. We leave the sliding glass door open to a big beautiful fenced in yard. She goes in and out on her own. She will go outside to urinate but still goes in the house. We too have walked her, praised her when she does it outside and tried everything we can think of. She especially does it in the morning while we are getting ready for work...we open the door first thing and leave it open until we have to lock up and go. She goes in and out but will poop just before I leave in the morning. Yes, I am her favorite and I know she feels part of the "pack" is missing during the day, but I cannot quit my job. What can we do???

Oct 15, 2011
similar issues
by: Anonymous

our almost 1 year old JRT seems to have no issues with going in the house. She was mostly clean for several weeks after we rescued her. She can go a week or 10 days without an "accident" and then she'll either pee or poop in the house with no rhyme or reason. It could be 20 minutes after a 30 minute walk, or an hour or so later. We tried crate training her - she lied down on her pillow in her crate eating her bone - no problems - then after her walk she came back in and peed on the pillow in her crate. She tends to go on her things - her pillows or her couch. I have no idea how to get her to stop. I'm actually thinking of getting her the "indoor piece of grass" where she could have a spot of her own that she is allowed to go in the house.

Sep 21, 2011
Submissive pooping
by: Joey

First, I wouldn't use the sharp no because she is showing signs of submissive behavior. And because of her past history. When she does poop, I would quietly scoop it up and put it (and her) out in the garden. Give her ample time to sniff it. Get yourself some pet grade odor remover and make sure you remove all traces of smell otherwise your dog will revisit that area. Try to restrict access to that area as well. In the meantime, also try to get a sense of time of day that this happens. You can try walking her extra around that time.

See if that helps.

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