6 week JRT puppy

Hello! My JRT recently had her third litter of five puppies about six weeks ago and my question is one of the females has a stocky build and bowed hind legs. Took her about a week longer to get the hang of walking around compared to her siblings. She is short legged and sits funny with legs straight out like a toddler and has wide set eyes that almost looks as if she has Down's Syndrome. She almost looks like a pug, even though both parents are JRT. Father was long legged and mother short legged. She does not seem to be in any kind of pain or limping, so should I be worried?

I have done some research regarding Leggs disorder or having a "Teddy" type B variant kind of gene. Any kind of info would be great! Thanks!

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Aug 15, 2011
Jack Russell bowed legs
by: Anonymous

With the bowed hind legs and stocky build....could she be a "puddin" / Achondroplastic dwarf?

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