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6th month old Jack Russell may have BLOAT

by Luke
(New york City)


My Jack Russell / Not sure what breed (as he is a rescue) George, is about 6 months old and weighs about 16lbs. He was dewormed about a 3-4 weeks ago when I got him at which point the vet said he looked good. Ordinarily his behavior is very regular from what I can tell, but tonight (and possibly last night) he has exhibited what seem to be signs of bloat (from what I'm reading), after his 1am bathroom walk he could not go back to sleep, moving from one spot in the house to another, lying down getting up over and over like 20 times, also the look on his face looked kind of queasy, accompanied by slight dry heaving. Weird thing is his bowel movement seemed totally normal. The only things out of the ordinary, was that I gave him a little extra treat last night and tonight after his walk, and a day ago he may have swallowed a little foam from one of my slippers which he chewed apart (I stopped that as soon as I realized). Finally at around 330-4 am he fell asleep tonight. Should I be very concerned? should I wait one more evening before going to a vet? Thanks for any help. - Luke

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Feb 20, 2014
Jack Russell bloat
by: Frank

Thanks for rescuing a Jack, what a wonderful thing to do!

Here are some of the symptoms of bloat:
Distended abdomen
Unsuccessful attempts to belch or vomit
Retching without producing anything
Excessive salivation
Shortness of breath
Cold body temperature
Pale gums
Rapid heartbeat

It doesn't sound like your Jack has it. Maybe he is just restless for some reason or is not feeling 100%. It could be that the foam is impacting him which is a good reason to take him to the vet even if he doesn't have bloat because there may be some blockage in the intestines.

I'm sure this email may have reached you to late, I'm hoping your Jack is ok.....let us know!

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