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8 month jack russell possible pregnancy

by beccie

Please can i get some advise, we had 2 jack Russell's, the elder male was rehomed to our sister in law a few weeks ago, we didn't realise she was on heat, no tell tale signs no blood or smell. Not sure if she was on heat before the dog was rehomed. She is now off her food sleeping all the time, her nipples are ever so slightly enlarged,
We did plan to have her neutered but i was told by the breeder i had her from to wait till her first season. (Wrong information i now know)
I plan to take her to the vet, but I'd like to know heath risks as she is so young,
Please can i not have any negative comments i feel awful as it is.

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Feb 09, 2014
Jack possibly pregnant at 8 months
by: Paul

So sorry to hear you going through this. Yes, it can be VERY harmful. She's not mature enough to have puppies. She could have MASSIVE complications, and if the puppies survive, she may not know how to care for them. There are thousands of stories of dogs like this who ate their puppies, who rejected their puppies, who just didn't know what to do. Sorry to scare you and not that this would necessarily happen but it is a possibility.

But, it's a good thing you are going to the vet because you can still get her spayed ASAP!

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