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8 month old jack Russell male bites people's faces

My 8 month old male jack Russell will sit on the couch with other people and cuddle and then all of a sudden turn and bite their face hard. I don't know how to stop it or why he does it. He is put in his kennel or outside right away I don't want him to think it is a game.

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Apr 13, 2015
Jack Russell biting faces
by: Allison

That can be quite scary! If it only happens on the couch, it could be that your Jack is acting out of possessiveness, and I would solve the problem by not letting him on the couch.
If he is not neutured, please consider doing this as it might help cut down on this type of behavior. You may also want to let your vet know that he has been doing this and she can check to see if there is anything healthy wise that might be provoking this (for example, hip issues).
Remember to keep him active and think about taking an obedience class to help socialize him properly (and that also helps with cutting down on aggressive behavior).

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