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8 month old Jack Russell

by Debbie
(Lincolnshire )

My 8 month old Jack Russell regularly jumps up, snarls and bites me when I am sat down but he doesn't do it to my husband. When I stand up and try to discipline him he continues to jump, bite and then chase me if I move away. I use the same reprimand as my husband (tell him No in a firm tone and pointing my finger firmly at him) but he ignores me. When my husband does the same thing he cowers down and lays on the floor. Any ideas why he does it to me in the first place and also why he won't stop for me but will for my husband?

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Feb 19, 2014
Jack Russell misbehaves with only me
by: Sandra

Keep in mind that he is still very young and quite trainable. I'm wondering if an obedience class will help the two of you gain confidence in each other. I think your Jack misbehaves with you because he doesn't see you as a pack leader. In obedience class, he would get socialization with other dogs. And you would get extra help enforcing commands like "sit", "stay" which you could then use at home to help with behaviors.
Also, when feeding him. Make sure you and your husband have eaten first, then make him "sit" and wait for a minute (after he has had obedience training) and then put his food down. This enforces that you are alpha. When walking him, make sure you are the first one out the door, don't let him charge ahead.

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