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8 Week old JRT will not stop biting

by Zee
(Atlanta, GA)

We just adopted an 8 week old Jack Russell last week. He was great at first, we had the normal behavior problems you'd expect with a brand new puppy. But after a week, his biting has gotten scary. He'll always bite on hanging sleeves or pant legs, and he's constantly nipping my hands and feet. He is SCARY hyper and we don't know what to do with him! Help please!

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Nov 30, 2011
8 week old jrt will not stop biting
by: aj

Hello there,

You need to nip this in the bud so to speak. When my jack was a puppy he liked to bite at your feet and ankles when we walked by and least expected it. I very firmly said to him "excuse me" and after a while he got it. Sometimes I'd walk past him and for no reason and say to him "excuse me!" It wasn't long after he knew what that meant. On occasion he bites my husband because he knows he can. Sometimes when we're out walking he gets to the corner of our street and starts on his pant legs and then turns to see if I'm looking. He gets away with so much more with hubby than with me...but I just look at him and say Jack, excuse me. That does it everytime. When my jack was little and he would bite my hands I would yell loudly owwww and didn't move my hand away so he didn't think it was a game and he layed off....I still do it when he wants to play bite. He's 15 months old. Good luck.

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