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9 month old jack russell problems

by Ross Liddle

I have a 9 month old jack russell and a 2 yr old lab, they both get on really well together always play fighting. However I am really struggling to house train my Jack sometime she is great and will got to the toilet when i let her out, but other times she does not even whimper to let me know and just goes right on the carpet.

We are also really struggling to teach her the basic commands such as sit lie down. she is so focused on food and gets so hyper she will not calm down or listen. I have tried using her food and even treats to train her but she goes in to a crazy frenzy over food. I do not think it is because my other dog is there because she is fed in another room so there is no competition. even when i take them out my lab enjoys chasing her ball but my Jack just looks for food the whole time.

would be much appreciated if anyone could help.

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Feb 20, 2014
Jack Russell training issues
by: Wendall

Maybe your Jack needs a bit more exercise so she is not so focused on food? Also, have you tried an obedience class. Sometimes working on commands out of the house and in the present of other dogs may be better than trying at home. As for the peeing, it sounds like you may need to start at the basics of potty training and put her on a very set schedule to go out. You will need to by enzymatic cleanser from the pet store otherwise dogs will sniff out places they have gone before and will pee there again. Enzymatic cleaner is the only type that truly gets out the scent. You can get it on Amazon or in pet stores.

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