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9 year old trained to kill cats!!!

by Dawn K
(Le Grand Iowa)

A year ago we rescued a wonderful jack from a abandoned trailer. The neighbors around told us that his owners had gottne great funin training him in killing cats. We have worked extensively with him and he has gotten better with all his other "bad" behaviors except for the cat problem. He can see squirrels, birds, any other animal and react positively now but a cat enters the mix and he goes nuts. God forbid he gets loose which has happened twice, both times resulted in him finding and maiming a cat. Any ideas. We also get "punished" if he gets left at home by him urinating on the bed if even for just a few minutes. We absolutely adore Eddie however and recognize he is a special and wonderful companion.

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Nov 18, 2011
Jack Russell killing cats
by: Melissa

Kudos to you for rescuing a Jack Russell in need. Eddie is a very lucky pup! It's criminal how some people can abuse their defenseless pets. In terms of the cat issue I'm not sure there is too much that you can do except for trying to keep Eddie from escaping (which limits his access to cats). Jack Russells are natural hunters and I think the cat habit will be a hard one to break. In terms of the urine "punishment". Get yourself a good enzyme based cleaner for your bed to wipe out any traces of scent since dogs have a keen sense of smells and tend to revisit places they have already peed on. Also, when you leave the house consider crating him or significantly limiting his access to the house - specifically your bedroom :-) Also consider getting him a toy that you can stuff with fun foods like peanut butter and biscuits - such as a Kong - that will keep him busy while you are out. Busy dogs don't have as much time to punish their owners. Hope this helps!

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