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Jack Russell Crazy, Issue #01 -- Merry Xmas From
December 27, 2009

Surfing Jacks, Dog Tricks and Separation Anxiety...

Hi there,

Welcome to the first issue of Jack Russell Crazy. My Jack Russell life has been crazy over the last few weeks as I've been training my two pups. They're getting huge now, and you can expect to see some new photos on the site very soon.

Recap of Latest Updates

It's been a busy holiday season so far, but I've still managed to add some new content to the site over the last week. Some of the latest pages I've added to the site include:

Dog Tricks - my tips for how to teach tricks to your dogs, as well as a few simple tricks to start you off

The Irish Jack Russell - I explain the distinctions that make an Irish Jack Russells different from others

Easy Dog Tricks - some more easy tricks for beginners aspiring to train the next Jack Russell prodigy

Jack Russells In The News

I keep track of a lot of news reports surrounding Jack Russells, and unfortunately there are still frequent reports of JRTs being abandoned, attacked by other dogs or otherwise mistreated. But on a lighter note, I read recently of a couple of Jack Russells that are rising stars. One, by the name of Tillamook Cheddar, is a world-famous abstract artist. The other can ride a surf board! There is apparently no limit to what these little guys can do.

Preview Of Upcoming Content

I already have plans for new additions to the site after the holiday period. Expect to see pages on the following topics appearing over the next few weeks:

  • Jack Russell Terrier rescue organizations - where to find them around the world and how to get in touch
  • Information on clicker training for Jack Russells
  • Information on JRT nutrition
  • A Jack Russell gifts page - with gifts for people and gifts for dogs

Also, you can expect a lot more interactive features on the site in the very near future. Specifically, I have plans for a discussion forum and pages that will allow you to submit your own stories and tips about Jack Russells.

JRT Questions and Answers

Question: "How do you stop your puppy from barking when your out the house? Thank You!?"

My Answer:
Chances are the puppy is barking because of one of these two reasons, or a combination:

1. Boredom. 2. Separation anxiety.

To solve number 1 is fairly simple. Just make sure the puppy has plenty of chew toys, and make sure there is variety among the toys. Hollow flexible toys that you can fill up with peanut butter are great for keeping a pup distracted.

Solving number 2 is a little bit harder. It's your puppy's natural tendency to want to be with you, the pack leader. You need to gradually get the pup used to you not being around. Do this by leaving it alone for short periods at first, then coming back with a reward before it starts barking. Gradually increase the amount of time the pup is left on its own.

For more details on dealing with barking problems, take a look at Stopping Dogs from Barking.

Or for more on training for separation anxiety, go to: Puppy Separation Anxiety.

Question: "Why does my Jack Russell shake? When he does it I'm never sure if it's excitment, or boredom or what? he does it a lot and it's never because he's cold! Just wandered if anyone knew!"

My Answer:
It may be just one of those Jack Russell things, but coupled with other symptoms it might be a sign of something serious. If the dog is also showing signs of fever, starts drinking excessively, loses hair, or appears generally nervous and afraid, it probably warrants a trip to the vet. Likewise if the shaking carries on for an extended time period. I'd be particularly inclined to visit the vet if it's an older dog, upwards of 8 or 9 years old. If shaking is the only symptom, it may just be a sign of anxiety or not enough stimulation. Up the exercise and don't leave him alone for too long and see if the situation improves.

In older dogs, this can be a sign of Cushing's disease, an affliction often mistaken for old age. To read more about this disease, go to Cushing's Disease in Dogs.

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas, and I wish you a Happy New Year. I will be away for the next few days, so there won't be any more updates until after January 4. But after that you can expect to see plenty of new pages going up. Thanks again for being part of Jack Russell Lover and helping to build the number one Jack Russell resource on the Net.

Any comments on this issue, or ideas for upcoming issues of the E-Zine? Don't hesitate to contact me. Simply reply to this email. Your question may even be featured in an upcoming issue of the newsletter!

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