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Tips to Bust Jumping and Hyperactivity, Jack Russell Crazy Issue #14
January 10, 2011

Crazy New Year -
Dealing with Jumping Up, Hyperactivity and Multiple Puppies

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2011. It promises to be a great year for everyone (and their dogs!). Of course, there’s more to come from Jack Russell Lover this year as well. This newsletter will touch on a few of the things I have planned for the coming year as well as answering a few questions recently posted up on the website.

Jack Russell Q & A - Jumping Up, Hyperactivity and Multiple Littermates

Here are a few questions that have popped up of the JRT Forum in recent weeks, as well as my responses to them. If you've got your own questions or think you have the knowledge to help out others, be sure to check out the forums.

Question: Hi Tom,

I have your JRT Training guide and tried to problem-shoot some negative behaviour in my JRT. This works out very well, but there is one thing I can not seem to solve. When my husband comes home or when the door bell rings, my dogs runs to the door and jumps up like crazy. You do not want to know how the door looks like!!!! How can I quiet him down.. at least prevent him from jumping up to doors.

Thanks, Mariska

My Answer: Hi Mariska,

Great question. Jumping up is a common issue with Jacks but it can be dealt with. The way to deal with spontaneous behaviors like this is to create a "trial scenario" where you can run through the way the dog SHOULD act. Obviously, you can't really set up a scenario and then just wait for the door bell to ring. So set aside some time to run through the scenario.

You want to keep the dog under control initially, either by holding him or with the leash (preferably both). Simply hold the dog in place and have your husband ring the doorbell. Feed the dog some treats as your husband enters, while petting and telling him what a good boy he is (the dog that is - not your husband!)

Have your husband stand just inside the door. Don't allow the dog to move until he has calmed down. Once he has calmed down enough, your husband can greet him. Remember to reward him and keep up the verbal praise.

Rule number one for this is that any time someone enters the house they must NOT give the dog attention while the dog is jumping. Greetings and pats can only be given when the dog has all four feet firmly on the ground. This alone will help over time.

Use this in addition to the "Off" command detailed in the book and the troubleshooting tips there and you should do fine. :)

Best wishes,


Question: My 18 month parsons JRT loves his walks but goes crazy once back indoors for a while, chasing and trying to dig holes in carpets and chairs etc. Is he overtired, overexcited or just high on adrenalin?? He also tries to nip your toes and runs around barking - this can last a few minutes or longer and only after a walk. Any suggestions as to why this happens would be gratefully received.

My Answer: Hi there,

It's a little hard to say without more details, but I'll try to offer some advice. Either the problem is not enough walking, or too much walking - but with Jacks, it's usually the first one.

Try making it a goal to wear your Jack out so he no longer has the energy to do ANYTHING. You know - tongue lolling around, starfished on the floor. If you can do that, it should take care of the problem. If he still gets hyper after that, it's probably a good idea to introduce him to some organized sports and up the mental stimulation through teaching some clever tricks.

Best wishes,


Question: I have TWO 10 week old litter mates and was wondering if thats a good idea to keep both? I bought them for a really low price because the guy didn't want them and was not going to look for a good home them like I will I want to keep one for sure but both if it isn't committing

My Answer: It depends largely on the gender. If the pups are of a different gender, you shouldn't have any problems. If they're both male, I'd have to advise against keeping them both unless you're prepared to do some serious anti-aggression training if they decide they dislike each other when they get older.

A male and a female may have a few snarls over food and toys, but they're unlikely to duke it out - two males will. Having them castrated will help but may not avoid aggression problems entirely. That said, it comes down largely to the temperaments of the individual dogs. In short, if they're both male and you decide to keep them both, be prepared for a potentially rough ride.

Best wishes,


What's in Store for 2011?

While I’ve been busy recently with other projects and haven’t had a lot of time to add new sections to the site, I do have a few ideas brewing for 2011. Jack Russell Lover has grown beyond my own input now and is starting to very much become a shared resource, almost like a massive “Jack Russell wiki.” This resource grows in particular through visitor contributions of stories, photos and questions & answers:

Expect to see more innovations on the website in the coming months that will further lead to the building of our community.

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Thanks to everyone who contributes to the Jack Russell Forum, Jack Russell Lover is expanding every day as a resource for Jack Russell owners.

If you’ve really hit a wall with caring for or training your Jack Russell, this isn’t a time to despair or get fed up – use the new year as an opportunity to get training handled and start on a new and more enriching life with your JRT. My ebook can show you everything you need to know to do that, and it’s very affordable. Just think about the stress and frustration you’ll save yourself – not to mention the cost of dog trainers!

Got a Question About Jack Russell Training?

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The Jack Russell Training 7 Part Crash Course

All doom and gloom aside, life goes on and JRTs will continue to be JRTs, earthquakes or no. Many readers are continuing to benefit from the free 7-part e-course which serves as a beginner’s introduction to the unique art and science of training Jack Russells. Sign up today to start enjoying the benefits of improved JRT behaviour.

Jack Russell Calendars

As you may have noticed, there are now JRT calendars up for sale through the website. Take the chance now to grab a 2011 calendar – there are some really cute pictures and a variety of shapes and sizes of calendar. The transactions are handled by, and Jack Russell Lover receives a commission when you buy – this helps keep the site alive as the best free JRT info resource and online community on the net! You can check out the range of calendars here:

The Jack Russell Lover Community

As always, it's great to see more people contributing their JRT stories, questions, answers and photos to the community. You can have your say on one of these pages:
Jack Russell Stories
Jack Russell Photos
Jack Russell Forum

'Til Next Time...

Take care - and take care of your JRT!

Any comments on this issue, or ideas for upcoming issues of the E-Zine? Don't hesitate to contact me. Simply reply to this email. Your question may even be featured in an upcoming issue of the newsletter!

Know of a friend who might be interested in this newsletter? Go ahead and forward it to them and encourage them to sign up. Let's continue to grow the Jack Russell Lover community together.

Thanks for reading and best wishes,

Tom McSherry

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