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2 Great Tips to Kickstart Pup Training - Jack Russell Crazy Issue #16
April 06, 2011

Two Techniques for Using Everyday Events to Train a New Pup

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With regards to the last email I sent out - me and mine are all okay, and the city is slowly but surely getting started on the road to recovery. Thanks to all those who donated. Now, on to this issue's tips.

Jack Russell Puppy Training Tips – The Basics

Knowing where to start with a new puppy is a problem that faces everyone when they first get a Jack Russell. It’s especially difficult if this is your first time owning a dog. You have no real point of reference. So this newsletter is designed to point out a few simple techniques you can implement from today to start moving your pup’s training in the right direction. These require minimal effort on your part, but they’ll lay the foundations for starting some more serious obedience training.

By the way, while these tips are intended for puppies, they can be used on a dog of any age who has had little or no previous training.

Puppy Basics – Earning Dinner

One of the first techniques you can start using with a pup from a young age is asking for a behaviour before you hand over dinner. The best one to start with is “Sit.”

This is pretty simple. Fill your pup’s bowl and let him or her know it’s feeding time, but hold the bowl in your hand. Don’t put it down right away. Instead, say the word “Sit” in a clear voice and wait until he sits down on his own. When he does, immediately place the bowl down in front of him.

It doesn’t matter if it takes a long time for the Sit to happen. Just say “Sit” and wait – eventually, he will sit down. If it takes more than two minutes, repeat the word “Sit.” This will help him understand that there’s a relationship between the word, the action, and getting his food.

Some pups will pick this up faster than others. Don’t stress about it. It may take a month before the pup clicks – it’s not something that needs to be high pressure. You’re going to be feeding him anyway, so you might as well incorporate some training while you’re at it. If it sticks, great. If not, that’s what training sessions are for. Don’t expect too much from a pup – the real training doesn’t start til he’s grown up a bit anyway. The main focus for starters should be on house training and preventing the development of problem behaviours.

The Natural Sit

During the course of an average day, your pup will sit down on his own many times. You can “capture” this movement and use it to your advantage. To do this you’ll need to keep some treats in your pocket all the time. Pay attention to your dog’s movements and when you can see he’s about to sit down, say “Sit.” It doesn’t matter if you say it at the same time as he sits, but you should try to anticipate his movements a little.

When he sits, reward him with a treat and plenty of praise. This can be done with any natural behaviour, and in fact it’s a technique which has been used by some trainers to teach advanced tricks. But again, stick to the basics for now.

If you don’t have any treats on you and you catch a Sit happening, make sure you give him plenty of praise and attention instead.

These two techniques should help confused puppy owners get moving in the right direction. For more information, watch this video to learn more about how my training ebook can help solve all your JRT training issues for good.

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