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Your Jack Russell Puppy Care Checklist - Jack Russell Crazy Issue #21
September 02, 2011

Weather-Proofing Your Dog

How to weather proof your dog

Much thought is with our Jack Lovers on the East Coast of the United States. Earthquakes and now Hurricanes, the natural disasters are really packing a punch this month! Hurricanes are not only devestating to humans, structures and land, they are devestating to our beloved pets. Over 550,000 animals were lost or killed during Hurrican Katrina. Jack Russell's are the reason we are all reading this newsletter. They are part of our families. For those who are potentially in a path of Nature's Wrath, here are a few tips I thought of while watching news coverage of Hurricane Irene to help add a little safety and sanity during times that can be hectic and chaotic.

*If you think you may need to evacuate, have a "to go" bag ready that includes a few favorite toys, a bottle of water, some food, a recent picture of your Jack, a collapsable bowl, medications he may be taking and a first aid kit. Have a record of shots and vaccinations. Also, a record of when he is fed. If someone else needs to care for him, keeping him on schedule will help keep some normalcy with all of the changes. And this may sound self explanatory...but never leave your pets home alone during a storm!

*Pre buy a first aid kit: A first aid kit should contain gauze, a muzzle, scissors, tweezers, a splint, a blanket, eye droppers, latex gloves and anti bacterial gloves.

Deluxe/Multiple Emergency Dog Survival KitPet Health Supplies)

*Keep a recent picture of your Jack archived in an email account or a place you know won't get wet just in case you lose your Jack. If your house is inaccessible, you won't be able to get to your computer or camera. I keep a picture attached to an email server. I also keep one in my wallet (for sentimental reasons as well!).

*Take note of emergency shelters and hotels that are animal friendly in case you are traveling to get out of harms way. Not all shelters accept dogs! Take along with you a description of your Jack, feeding schedule, vaccinations and any medications. You may to board your Jack somewhere if you can't find a shelter that allows dogs. Also, many shelters do not accept dogs without proof of vaccinations so make sure you have that.

*Check his ID Tag. If he is not microchipped make sure all the information on his tag is current and correct. Consider engraving "rabies vacc." on his tag so that if anyone finds him they know he has been vaccinated.

*If you plan on riding out the storm at home, Prepare an area of your that is safe - like the basement if you have one and make sure you have plenty of bottled water available, Have at least a 5 day supply of food, medications, towels, plastic bags for waste clean up, blankets, a leash and a muzzle.

*Put signs in your window indicating that there are pets present and include their pictures, names and ages.

*Consider getting a microchip for your Jack. Collars can be easily lost. Microchipping is an easy and painless procedure that could potentially help immensely if he is separated from you.

While we can't stop natural disasters from occuring, we can come prepared to help ease our stress level if anything does happen.

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'Til Next Time...

Take care - and take care of your JRT!

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Thanks for reading and best wishes,

Tom McSherry and the Jack Russell Team

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