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Your Jack Russell Puppy Care Checklist - Jack Russell Crazy Issue #32
July 30, 2012

One Jack Minus the Preservatives, Please!

Coffee is good for you. No wait, coffee is bad for you. Wine is ok in moderation, hold on a second, it's not good for you. Only eat organic, don't eat gluten, don't eat processed foods, etc, etc.

I don't know about you but shopping has been stressful lately with all the warnings and studies that are out. Not only for humans but our furry friends too. Every time I turn around there is a product recall or dog food poisoning incident. Awhile ago, I made the decision to make my Jacks as natural as possible (and what the heck, I'm trying the same for myself!). This includes making their food and trying homeopathic medicines for minor needs.

It takes some planning and organization but it is doable. Somehow it seems easier for my Jacks then myself! I personally like the company Pet Alive, operated by Native Remedies. Click on the banner below to view their site:

They have great natural products for a wide variety of pets and humans too. How's that for one stop shopping!

One of my favorites from their offerings is their Skin and Coat Tonic. I feel it's helped my Jacks to have a more healthy coat. Like a daily vitamin. Are natural products the answer to all of our Jack issues? Until a study tells me otherwise I just feel much better giving my Jacks products without lots of chemicals. While it's not a substitute for good veterinary medicine when necessary, it does give me peace of mind that I am contributing to my Jack's overall health and well being. Now if I could only remember to take my own daily vitamin everyday....

Some other natural solutions to issues:

Adding a tablespoon of pureed pumpkin (canned is fine, just not pumpkin pie filling) to your Jack's food can help regulate loose stools due to the fiber content. If you open a can, you can always put the rest into ice cube trays to freeze for a later time. You can either thaw it or use it as a "puppy popsicle" by serving frozen during hot times.

When your Jack has itchy skin or the beginning of hot spots, try putting apple cider vinegar diluted with a bit of water in a spray bottle and gently spraying the area. It's also good for repelling fleas so you can spray your Jack down before going on a hike.

Worried about plaque developing on your Jacks teeth? Throw him a small bit of carrot from time to time. The crunchiness will stimulate saliva which in turn will get rid of some of the gunk.

Smelly gas? Yes, the pet gets blamed a lot to cover us humans. But if your Jack really does have gas, try putting a dollop of yogurt with his food for a few days. Yogurt aids in digestion which in turn will help with flatulence.

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'Til Next Time...

Take care - and take care of your JRT!

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Thanks for reading and best wishes,

Tom McSherry and the Jack Russell Team

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