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A Bone of Contention ?

by Rooshkie
(Sydney, Australia)

I have an 8 Year old Male JRT called Rex. He was borned (!) and bred in Devon, England - which is the original (and I like to think Spiritual) home of JRT's. This goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway - I love him with my whole heart... he is my very best friend. When I moved from Devon, England to Sydney, Australia (not for the first time), of course, he came with me.

But, our story is set in South West England, in the middle of idyllic rolling, green, Devon hills, at my Grandparents beautiful house. Rex, and my friend's dog Musky (sadly gone to Doggie Heaven now) were both there, and my friend and I had bought them both big juicy bones covered in meaty bits.

Musky was a Bitsa (and proud), and about 3 times the size of Rex. She was 14 at the time, Rex was 2. So, understandably, Musky's juicy meaty bone was bigger than Rex's. They were both most contentedly working away at these treats for about half an hour. Musky was, true to form, ignoring Rex. Rex was, true to form, watching her in a suspicious manner. Eventually Musky had a stretch, got up and wandered off for a wee and a sniff, and a patrol of the garden. Unbeknownst to Rex, I was watching him. As soon as she was far enough away, and with her back turned, he walked over to her bone, picked it up (it was heavy for him), walked into a nearby copse of trees, dug a hole, buried her bone, walked back to the lawn (checking that she hadn't returned yet), and got back to eating his bone.

Musky came back a few moments later, and scouted around for her bone. Not being able to find it, she looked over at Rex who was now studiously avoiding eye contact with her. After a while he had no choice, and his look (if dog's could speak) said

"What?"... "Your bone?"... "I don't know where your bone is"... "Well, where did you leave it?"... "I can't imagine why you would think I'd know where it is".

Oh I laughed and laughed. Definitely not behaviour to be encouraged. But it was very funny, and Yes, I went and got Musky's bone and gave it back to her !!

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Nov 26, 2014
by: Anonymous

Thank you Deborah. Very kind of you to say so. Rooshkie.

Nov 26, 2014
A bone of contention
by: Deborah

I loved your story. I'm still smiling about it. The way you layed the story out really made me imagine the situation of the two pups. Rex is such a jokester and how lucky for you (and Musky) that you were a fly on the wall while this all played out.
Thanks for sharing this tidbit, I really enjoyed it!

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