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A few behavioral questions

by andré l

My 13 months year old Jack Russell is a grand dog, but i have some built up questions that perhaps more experienced owners can help me with.

Info: Healthy, active one hour + each day (running + dog park), not sterilized, friendly, "all is well".

1. I'm not seriously troubled by him pulling the leash, well not forward anyway, he is able to walk "on heel" perfectly well after a run, he is constantly trying to make detours to sniff, lick, mark, etc. I have this, "it's for him i'm walking attitude" so i kind of let him do his thing. But it makes for a rather messy walk. Is this something he will put away, or do i need to engage the problem, and how so?

2. Licking (i presume) female urine. He's kind of always found some spots where he has lingered with his tongue, but recently it has gotten to be too much. he digs in, and he doesn't respond to anything, the other day i tried pinching him in the ear just to see. 50 % power perhaps, No response. Just instinct, and nothing to do about it or?

3. Scenario: Dog park, we arrive and some other dog has a toy, he gets it and is "triggered", as he is by all new toys/things. He never responds violently to it being taken, but he will on average destroy any toy he's given in 2-5 minutes (he never destroys any of "my" stuff), so i try and get it away from him. After i get it away all i can do is go home, he does not return from that high. Is there any tips on how to get a dog to forget, i mean a stolen toy will make him shiver and yelp for 15 minutes straight.

4. He does not fight often and it seems to me it is usually triggered by the other dog. example, two dogs start at it 15 meters away, instantly he goes into it, and he's the last out. Any tips?

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Feb 20, 2014
Jack Russell behavioral questions
by: Trent

I would start with taking a basic obedience class. It sounds like he has some commands down but it would hurt for him to get some socialization with other dogs and working on commands in a busy arena. Those commands will help you in the real world.

You can work on walking on the leash by taking some high value treats with you. Keep the lead between you and your Jack very short. Walk a few steps and have him sit, give him a treat. Keep doing this while you increase the number of steps.

In terms of his favorite spots, I would try varying his walks so he doesn't get obsessive about digging and smelling in those spots. And if he does start digging or what not, that is when the commands and the treats come into play. Make him sit and wait and then give him a treat and move on quickly from the spot.

It sounds like he needs a bit more socialization and work on commands before he goes to the dog park off leash. Commands like "sit" and "give" will help with giving up a toy.

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