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a jack Russell with so many problems

by Louise Johnson

i have a jack Russell who is 4 and a half years old. he has no end of problems. he on one hand is very sweet and affectionate and loving but He also:
* barks at the Tele when animals/black people/sports/fast forward stuff is on
* attacks items we use such as hoovers/spades/lawn mowers etc
* pees n poos indoors if its raining and refuses to go outside
* legs it if the front door is open
* has biten my toddler when he got jealous and gets very funny towards him
* attacks my border collie if he thinks she may get food and he wont

it seems to have got worse over the years. we had a behavioural specialist round who wouldn't do anything with the Tele issue. he is jealous of my son which is worrying as i am pregnant. i love him dearly however is he a lost cause or can i change him? we separate us from the dogs when we eat and if we want to watch a program with animals on it we leave him in the dining room and when i Hoover he happily goes into the study so i can shut the door but i still worry about my son and him every single day. he bit my son in the face and scared him it was awful.

help x

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Sep 05, 2012
so many problems
by: Mari

Dear So Many,
It seems as if your problems, at least many, you have managed to overcome. I understand the love of your Jack. However, nothing is as important as the safety of your children. Only you can decide if this bad behavior can be managed.
To this end, I offer a possible helpful option for you. The Invisible Fence Co. installed their radio fence in my condo courtyard, and it is working well. They also offer and I use a transmitter about the size of a smoke detector in my kitchen. It is adjustable in terms of feet from the unit. I am so much better off now, in the kitchen, as before I couldn't get much done with darling Paddy underfoot, getting in the dishwasher, oven, yes when it was hot, and the w/d.
oi vay
If you had one of these mobile units, you could keep it around your baby. I worry tho, if once it was not on. Paddy goes right back in the kitchen, if he has his reminder collar off, or the unit is turned off.

Good luckl!!

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