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A lazy JRT?

by Andrew

My JRT is 6 months old from a breeder and has been with us for just on a week. He is seemingly a very quiet JRT - hardly barks (maybe at the next door dog once or twice) and is very good natured - has no problem meeting other dogs or people - in fact, positively enjoys the experience. However, he is quite lazy in that he will happily doze off at my feet or in front of the fire and spends a LOT of time sleeping. He doesn't sound anywhere near as hyper as JRTs are usually described. He is very playful at times and will engage in tug, chase and rough play very easily with me but seems quite happy to stop as soon as I need to do something else. Not that I'm complaining, I'm just wondering if it's anything to worry about.

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Jul 15, 2013
Lazy Jack Russell
by: James

Maybe trying a different type of stimulation - like a dog obedience class which you can then practice at home for mental stimuation. Or different types of toys - like a kong filled with peanut butter/biscuits to provide him with some ongoing extended activity - or different chew toys than what you currently have. Or trying to space out walks to infuse bursts of energy throughout the day

It could also be that he is trying to adjust to this new situation he is in. Or maybe he needs a higher quality of dog food - like grain free?

If the vet gives him a clear bill of health and none of the above change anything....well you then have yourself a rarity....a calm JRT!

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