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A Long Road to Forever

by tasha
(Vancouver Island Canada)

we just got a Jack Chi.. We live on Vancouver Isand. He traveled all the way from San Jose California, lost a leg and went through 4 families to finally make our family complete. Ive never been a little dog person, we already have a husky/Shepard and as he is getting older were looking for a younger dog for the children. A friend who works with a Vet asked if maybe we would foster him for a weekend while she tried to find another foster or have to put him down. In one night Kratos became our newest family member. As our daughter is special needs, it is amazing to have such a reselient disabled dog to help her come to terms with her illness and have someone in the family she can "relate" to ... He is such an amazing spirit..God is Dog spelled backwards.. :)

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Jul 18, 2012
by: tasha

Thank you for all the wonderful comments... Recently we lost our "big" dog, the only thing that kept us together was "Kratos"The three legged WonderDog. My daughter and I are writing a childrens book for ped's patients about Kratos, to bring along with us when he goes to visit his special friends as a therapy dog for sick kids. His ability to know how gentle and calm or playful and bouncy is amazing. he is the dog that i thought i would never have

Apr 24, 2012
A long road to forever
by: Sylvia Ford

What an amazing story. We have a 15 month old Jack Russell that we adore.
Your Jack Russell will take care of your child. Jack Russell are totally amazing dogs and would protect with their lives so no harm would come to those they love.
I don't know if you know this but a Jack Russell saved 5 children in 2007. Two pitbulls were going to attack and the Jack Russell kept them at bay till they could get the children away.
The sad part is then the pitbulls attacked the Jack Russell and killed him.
He won all kind of awards for Bravery, even one From the U.S. army.
Look it up and read the story, it is awesome, but I wish the Jack Russell had live.

Apr 23, 2012
by: Heather

That's such a nice post your jack chi is very lucky to be in such a loving caring home it fills ny heart with happiness to know that there are animals that have made a difference to a family. My jack Russell missy also pictured on here has really made my home complete she is so adorable and loved very much too! Thank you for the nice posting! All the best to you all.

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