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A small jack Russell?

by Sheena C

I seen dogs online and another jack in person and they're all much bigger than mine. Why is that? Should I be worried?

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Apr 24, 2013
Small JRT
by: Lisa

I have a year old JRT that is only 10 lbs and a lot smaller than his siblings. He was the runt and just stayed small :)

Mar 03, 2013
Small Jack Russell
by: Michelle

I wouldn't worry too much. There are some Jacks that are known as "mini Jack Russells" or "short legged Jack Russells". Usually they are bred to be smaller.
A true miniature is smaller in all its proportions than the full-size breed, not just in leg length. To achieve this a Jack Russell would have to be cross-bred with a smaller breed. But in this case the name "mini Jack Russell" doesn't really apply either - it's simply a Jack Russell mix breed. Be very wary of breeders who market their puppies as mini Jack Russells - chances are they don't know what they're talking about. The same goes for anyone advertising "teacup Jack Russells" - these are probably the result of breeding a series of runts to create smaller dogs. Steer clear of them.

The other possibility is that the dog is a dwarf Jack Russell, which is an indication of bad breeding. Dwarf Jack Russells tend to have a slight kink in towards the centre in their front legs. They also tend to have larger chests, so they are usually not even smaller than a regular JRT. They are often referred to as Puddin Jack Russells. They have a tendency to develop health problems, particularly arthritis in the back and joints.

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