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adopted a Parsons Russel Terrier from the Humane Society

by Sue
(Austin, Tx)

I adopted our Russel Terrier on Jan. 14, from the Humane Society, I don't have any history on Josie who is 2 yrs. & 2Mo. Took her to the vet who check her out. She doesnt' eat much (didn't eat for the 1st 3 days), doesn't want training snacks, is quiet and well behaved, sleeps a lot, her breath started smelling bad, her stomach seems a little bloated and she started licking a lot (ie., not the floor, just licks the air. We just got her so maybe she's tramatized from being at the pound. Do you have any ideas
as to what might be wrong if anything. She wants to be held and petted all the time.


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Jan 22, 2014
Yay for adoptions!
by: Jeni

Thank you for adopting a rescue!
We adopted our 2 yr old as well. His first few weeks were definitely unsure at first. He took a while to eat. We thought it was the food so we tried a few different types and found he prefered wet type food over dry food.

He also has bad breath. Our vet told us it was normal for smaller dogs to have smelly breath. Not sure if all small dogs do but ours does!

He also licks the air and drinks very little water. And for the first few days he spent many hours on our laps, until he felt that he was really "home".

After about two weeks he seemed settled in and confident that he was not going back to "jail".

Enjoy your new little buddy! They are so fun!

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