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Afraid puppy

by Kisha
(Washington DC )

I got my pup at 8 weeks. He was relatively afraid when I got him, potty trained and petrified when he mistakingly used the bathroom other than outside or on a pad. He was shaking and scared the ride home. We got here and he was apprehensive of everyone for a night or two then warmed up exceptionally well and immediate to my children. I am the disciplinary in my home but have never struck, been aggressive towards or even yelled at the puppy but he has heard and seen me discipline my children and Im worried be won't ever warm up to me. He plays a lot with the children but won't play with me, I tell him I love him, hold him, kiss him and such, but he just snuggles up and sleeps mostly but will instantly wake up if one of my children come in the home or room and run, play with and interact heavily with them. Any tips to help him warm up to me more.

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