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Aggression - Biting!

by Lesley
(Brora, Scottish Highlands)

My JRx bitch - who is almost 4 - just bit a woman she knows really well. We were all out for the day - it was very exciting, dog show, horses, people, quite warm etc...and when we went back to the car my friend (who looks after Truffle when we go away, sometimes for a day or two, sometimes for over a week, she loves going there!) was putting her back in her car crate (a large, soft pet carrier that we use in the car and if we take Truff away with us - so her travel 'bed')and she bit her quite badly on the hand. Broke the skin and needed first aid....
What can I do........I have been worried for some time about her border line aggression with other dogs, and although she can be 'nippy' at times when excited - she has never really 'bitten' anyone...... When she is with June (the dogsitter) she is happy as larry - but I wonder if it is because I was there today.....??? Is it aggression, is it protecting me - is it protecting her bed...?? I just don't know - thankfully it wasn't a child..... it makes me so sad as she is a lovely, playful, intelligent and loving dog. All I can think now is that I need to get a muzzle.

Please help??!!!

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Aug 06, 2012
Jack Russell bitting
by: Jane

Anytime a dog bites someone and draws blood it's a serious situation. Dogs can be taken away/euthanized for that very reason. Dogs bite for various reasons and it's hard to tell with situation you described - it could have been a variety of factors. It does sound like Truffle is trying to be the Alpha though. I would seriously consider bringing in a professional pet behaviorist to come and help you out, especially because you have worried about aggression in the past. This may not be the answer you wanted to hear but it's in the best interest of Truffle and your family. In the meantime, make yourself known as the pack leader. Make Truffle sit and wait before eating. Run through daily obedience training with her. Make sure she gets plenty of exercise since tired dogs are less aggressive.
Hope this helps a bit!

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