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Aggression in a Jack Russell

by Apryl
(London, England)

My Jack Russell is nearly 16 months old. From a puppy he was unusually well behaved; He has never chewed anything other than his toys, we took him to puppy classes and taught him not to bite others and we socialised him as soon as he was old enough to be allowed out and he is regularly (almost every day) over our local park with other dogs. Recently though, perhaps in the last 5 weeks or so, he has become quite aggressive to other dogs. Not all, he still plays really well with others, but there are some dogs, particularly smaller dogs than him, that he is pretty viscious towards. It bothers me because at home he is the perfect dog. He was neutered about 4 weeks ago and I wondered whether the problem was with him adjusting to that, but I definitely saw signs of aggression just before he went to the vets. Has anyone got any training tips or advice to stop him from going for other dogs? He hasn't caused any harm yet but other people are starting to notice and its embarassing! I don't want an aggressive, dominant, viscious Jack Russell!

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Sep 09, 2011
Aggression in Jack Rusell
by: Anonymous

I have a 16 month old Jackapoo who has shown signs of aggression lately towards other dogs. He is walked every week by a dog behaviourist with other dogs small and large and also goes to doggy school one day a week. I am told that it is because they are at the adolescent stage and are finding their place. I was advised to to just discipline as normal and make them aware that the behaviour they are showing is not acceptable.

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