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by Alistair

my wife and I have adopted a 8yr old JRT he has spent those 8 yrs in a house and garden only he has also been shouted at a lot. He now goes in the car fine walks fine eats well has stopped spraying in the house.
BUT he is growly and aggresive with my wife even though she feeds him and walks him isnt angry with him but still he is not nice towards her. Any ideas


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May 23, 2019
JRT aggressive to one of the owners
by: Anonymous

My JRT just started exipting the same behavior towards my husband, in the past two months, he only growls and snaps when my husband tries to put on his harness, in all other activities he's ok. We took him to an animal behaviorist at Tufts University and she recommend some calming products, like Zylkene which helps with producing serotonins in the brain. Ask your veterinarian. I feel in our JRT's case he has become disconnected with my husband as he had to do so much work in our recent move back to my home state. So I will have him sit with our dog for at least 15 minutes off and on during the day and feed hime tiny bits of his kibble also get back to his play time in the evening... hope this helps...

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