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Aggressive JRT Cross

by Janine

Help, I have a 4.5 year old Jack Russell Cross Staff, we have had him since being a puppy. 2.5 years ago we adopted his half brother, who is a full Staff. Up until last week, they got on fine, they had a snarl and a growl at each other i picked up the cross and took him into another room, they were fine when I reintroduced them. However, taking them out that evening wasn't good. We take them out in a vehicle to the field and let them run... The problem started when the Staff sat in between the seats so the JRT cross couldn't get passed him, a fight broke out and me and my partner had to seperate them, The staff then lay down till we arrived at the field, we then let the JRT out (who always gets out first) but he waited for the staff, the staff got out but held himself against the vehicle. Anyway, before we knew it, they were scrapping... they didn't really do much damage to each other, but it was the first time we have had to take them home seperately, and sleep in separate rooms. The next morning, we reintroduced them, the JRT was standing all proud, ears back, on his tip toes, puffed himself up and was dominating and growling... the staff eas growling back but shaking (I think that is fear aggression). I managed to stop them fighting but running around the house and getting them to chase me. This worked wonders... I have recently purchased muzzles for them, which I haven't used yet. They get along just fine and play together, it's just flash points... I don't want to rehome either of them as I love them like they are my children. I'm scared now taking them both out together, they haven't been out on the field since this has happened. We do have a huge garden, which they love chasing each other around in. The vets don't want to castrate the JRT cross, but want to castrate the Staff, as he is younger, but I have read that fear aggressive dogs are worse after this. I just want them to get along all the time without any fighting, as they used to. Please help :(

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