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aggressive litter mates

by Debbie Thompson
(Dorset, Ohio)

aggressive litter mates
I have 6 jack russell terrior mixed dogs that we have had since birth that are just a little over a year old and they have attacked and drawn blood on 2 in the litter mates in the last 2 months and I dont know why. Nothing out of the normal before this happens. Need help immmediately before we are forced to give some of them up.

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Dec 12, 2011
Jack Russells fighting
by: Amber

Littermates are notorious for suddenly turning and not getting along. The fact that blood was drawn is pretty scary. Seriously consider downsizing the number of dogs you have. I wouldn't want one of them to hurt the other. Also you can get a pet behaviorist that might be able to help you. Make sure that you try as hard as you can to keep sleeping and eating areas separate. Try to find out what seems to start the fighting and try problem solving those situations.
Good luck!

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