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aggressive litter mates

by Debbie Thompson
(Dorset, Ohio)

aggressive litter mates
I have 6 jack russell terrior mixed dogs that we have had since birth that are just a little over a year old and they have attacked and drawn blood on 2 in the litter mates in the last 2 months and I dont know why. Nothing out of the normal before this happens. Need help immmediately before we are forced to give some of them up.

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Dec 08, 2011
Jack Russell litter mates aggressive
by: James

Hi Debbie,
Even Jacks from the same litter that seem to get along swimmingly can turn on each other. While this is not uncommon it can get dangerous really quickly. When dogs fight each other they have a different level of pain threshold and things can quickly escalate. What worries me is that you have 6 and that blood has been drawn. Without seeing the dogs it is hard to know what causes/starts the fights....I would call a behavioral pet specialist immediately to see if they can come out and observe and give you some suggestions. In the meantime I would make sure to seperate them the best you can - seperate sleeping areas, seperate bowls and eating areas, different cages (and only give them bones/treats when they are in their cages). Leave collars and leashes on them so you can grab one if one starts going at it. Do not let any of the dogs stare at each other as this could get things to escalate. Try to figure out who the alpha/lead dog is and make sure you pet him first, feed him first, etc. I would also seriously consider rehoming some of them.

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