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Aggressive towards other dogs

by Lindsay

My rescued JRT had an awful life previously to me adopting her and not sure of the extent of her abuse. She was just coming out of her shell when she got attacked by a Labrador which shook her and threw her. The owner refuses to put her dog on a lead. From then on she attacks anything bigger than her. I know she's scared because she whines as they approach her especially when off the lead. I bend down to reassure her and she calms down but she will then sniff the dog, even roll on her back but as the dog goes to sniff her she attacks. She lives with my very docile collie who wouldn't hurt a flea but is boss and she is fine with all dogs if I say can I walk with you to calm her down but some dogs she knows are nervous themselves so she chases them and nips their legs. Is she just being a bully and if so how do I get her out of this as I'm scared one day a bigger dog she 'nips' won't just take it. She is very small for a jack, maybe a cross with chiuhuahua.

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